Zenco Management B.V. - Zenco Corporate Services B.V. / Zenco Custodian & Management B.V.

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Wilhelminakade 91 - 3072 AP - Rotterdam - Netherlands
PO Box 21365 - 3001 AJ - Rotterdam - Netherlands
Telephone: +31 10 414 42 77
Fax: +31 10 414 30 23
Chamber of Commerce: 24 191163


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The Zenco group
Zenco Management B.V.

Zenco Management B.V. often acts as the local representative of Dutch companies, which have non-resident shareholders. Zenco Management B.V. can provide Dutch directors. Both corporate directors as well as natural persons.

Domicile and directorship services are provided on an annual fixed fee basis. The obligations and the position of the Dutch directors will be defined in a contract between the client and Zenco.
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